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another band camp over, another season started.....

hi guys!!!!! long time no update.

Band Camp went pretty well - the music is coming along, as is the guard work, and the show is about half done. percussion....well, Annie can speak for them. Brogan seems happy, and thats all we need to know.

currently, there are 37 people in the band (including guard), so we are still in division 2. barely, though - the cutoff for div 1 is 35.

Riandra and I are planning to, at some pint, hold a meeting and have everyone watch the awesome Carmen dvd, so the underclassmen what winning looks like.

next practice will be on thursday, sept. 8th, the second day of school, after school at the parking lot.

the first competition is in everett (hehehehe.......;) at 1.  

let's see, anything else?........comment if i missed anything;)

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